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Administrator’s Message

I welcome you all to this noble institution, Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School and I congratulate your beloved parents/guardian on your admission to this school. I must say that it is a great privilege to be in this great school that has and will continue to provide highly esteemed and holistic, qualitative education to many people holding key posts in various works of life in and outside our country. You have come therefore to be part of MCSS family and to show the stuff you are made of, in contributing to the good and golden legacy that the school has made in world history.

I encourage you to be open to the information you will receive from the school. Be prepared to participate actively in various school programmes:- academic, spiritual, social and morally geared towards giving you holistic formation. In order to achieve your aim and the purpose for which you are here, your sincere contribution and co-operation is highly needed. You must makeup your mind to work hard from day one; you are also encouraged not to hide your talent, because talent shared is talent regained. Be a dignified personage not only in character but also in thoughts, words and actions. Believe in your dreams and work towards achieving your aim and purpose for which you are here for. Dear parents, we encourage you to once again on the admission of your child/ward to this noble institution, thank you for entrusting them to our care. We are all entrusted to God’s care in return. We want to assure of our commitment to work diligently in ensuring the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of each child that is entrusted to us here in MCSS.

Here in MCSS we believe in varying the teaching methods, adapting the curriculum to suit individual student’s needs and providing challenge that will help develop knowledge, self esteem, independent thinking, and community awareness. As a Catholic Secondary School which places emphasis on traditional Christian values, we also endeavour to educate our students to become responsible citizens. We emphasize cooperation and concern for others and respect for individual and cultural differences. Furthermore we promote a comfortable atmosphere where home and school may work together to support student’s success. Back to you my dear children; be optimistic that you can join the team of achievers that both Nigeria and the world have ever received; it may not be easy, but it is possible. As you have come to be part of MCSS family, try to be good Ambassadors of this great citadel of learning obey the school rules and regulations, be punctual, attentive and open. Once again you are highly welcome and remain blessed.